SoWot! is a lifestyle magazine produced by the Aspire42 Foundation.

The magazine features engaging and entertaining articles on subjects as varied as technology, travel, gaming and sport but with a fresh approach to content that actually helps people navigate through the modern world.

We also support our partners and feature other charities and foundations doing excellent work.

It’s a refreshing antidote to all that nonsense content that makes you shrug and think… SoWot?


Issue 05

This issue, read the fascinating history of currency and discover that when it comes to trading on the open market, the human race knows no boundaries.

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Issue 04

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Issue 03

We dive into the nuance of buying a new computer, warning signs when you book a tradie, sport as a force for good in education, the end of the rental era and check out the tourist hotspot of Bali and the world’s best music festivals.

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Issue 02

We check out the best TVs on the market, how to find romance in the modern world, whether the metaverse is going to be the modern world; and cover off the growth of AFLW in our sports coverage before we explore the Gold Coast.

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Issue 01

The hottest smartphones on the market, how to save $$$ by cutting out bad money habits, AFL Players find a new competition on their games consoles, a takedown of corporate jargon and why Seoul puts the soul in travel.

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