Our Projects

The Aspire42 Foundation runs three projects that offer opportunities where previously there were none.

We limit the number of projects we take in order to focus on opportunities we believe bring real benefits for real people in constructive ways.



We will leverage Snaffle to build a buyback program for old technology (mobile phones / tablets etc). Some will be donated to provide technological freedom to those in need and others sold.

  • Make devices available to the older generation who lack the means to purchase them.
  • Demonstrate how to use the device
  • Keeping it simple
  • Provide an overview of the different applications and programs available like movies and games
  • Educate them about online shopping
  • Set up email and demonstrate
  • Giving them access to a digital world that creates freedom



Through partnerships with providers of mobility solutions, the Foundation will offer funding and support directly to people in need of assistance.

  • Mobility scooters, equipment and daily aids
  • Purchase Second hand
  • Service
  • Donate
  • Assisting in life
  • Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Vitamin D



It is our aim to provide coaches to help young interns develop and enhance their life skills by providing positive role models. This is an effective way of breaking the cycle of disadvantage and ensuring the intern has an opportunity to realise their full potential. Our goal is to provide these opportunities to those who would otherwise not be able to access them.

  • Education
  • Breaking the cycle
  • Pathways
  • Life skills
  • Making Better choices
  • Energy of Youth the Wisdom of age
  • Work experience
  • Guidance
  • Meaningful programs
  • Growth