About Us

The Aspire42 Foundation was established to provide real solutions and opportunities for real people.

It builds meaningful programs to support people who need help and works closely with the Aspire42 group to leverage its skills and relationships to help power those projects.

Aspire42 manages and develop companies with a focus on providing real things to real people. We look to develop new brands and business models where we see opportunities to disrupt markets and create value.




Aspire42 Foundation CEO Kirsty Perkins is devoted to creating positive real change to individual lives. Education, mentoring and communication is her focus.

Her extensive experience in the finance sector has proven to be is an asset in achieving the Foundation’s goals.

Kirsty is extremely passionate about family, residing with her extended family, partner and teenage son.

Kirsty has an extensive range of personal interests, including travel, footy (go Crows!), and family holidays camping (which she humbly describes as ‘more like glamping’).

This sheer passion for life makes Kirsty a perfect fit for the Apire42 Foundation.